Your horse.
Your training.

At Whispering Hills Ranch you won't find any judgemental attitudes. No overwhelming "right way, wrong way" frames of mind. Our philosophy is that horses are a wonderful part of our lives, and each horse owner gets to choose how they want to train, enjoy, and be with his or her horses. We are not a show barn, although we do have boarders that show. We are not a Western or English stable—our boarders ride in the style they like. We're not a cowboy ranch, although we proudly share some great cowboy traditions. We don't cater to any specific breed, discipline, lifestyle, or riding style.

When you board at Whispering Hills Ranch, you train the way you want to. The boarder in the neighboring stall trains the way they want to. If everyone is safe, you're happy, and your horse is happy, then we're happy.

It's a simple philosophy, and yet it's a pretty foreign concept at many boarding stables. It's one of the wonderful reasons that Whispering Hills Ranch is so unique.

"Whispering Hills Ranch has the only true pasture boarding available in the Bay Area, and the day pasture redefines "turnout." You can keep your horse in a barn for all the convenience and control that affords you, but give your horse the freedom to run with a herd and graze on dozens of acres during the day. Plus direct trail access to hours of riding through woods and across the open hills...I was sold from my first visit."

—Aryn and Tikka